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The 10 Best Nuggets of Life Advice for People in Their Twenties

I have a love hate relationship with advice. In a nutshell, I love when someone advises me what I've already planned to do, and hate it when someone tries to get in the way of a plan that I'm forging on with against all logical reason (although, credit where credit is due, I'd like to thank my parents for advising me against renting that poky flat above the SPAR store in Staines).

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They Say You Shouldn't Meet Your Heroes...

People who know me well (hi Mum) know that I love, love, LOVE yoga. And no, actually, not just because pretty much every class ends with a good chunk of lying on the floor.

Still, as a full-time teacher and when-I-have-time freelance writer, I'm not overwhelmed with free time in which to practice. That is, until I found Bad Yogi.

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The 20-Something Bucket List: 101 Things to Do Before You're 30

Being 20-something is an odd experience.

You’re an adult, but most likely living at home or still dependent on your parents in some way. You have a job, but it probably isn’t your dream one. And you’re desperately trying to stay in touch with school and university friends while wanting to appear friendly and sociable to your new housemates and colleagues.

Frankly, it’s exhausting, and all too easy for the things we really want to do in our twenties to get lost in the business of just existing as a functioning adult.

So, I decided to make a list of all the things I’d like to do this decade, from adventures I’d like to have to career goals. Alongside these, I’ve put everything that I probably should be able to do (like my washing).

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