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10 Things I Could Afford to Buy if I had my Student Debt in Cash

When I’m feeling sorry for myself, berating the state of the country, or trying to get my mum to buy me a takeaway, I’m wont to refer to myself as a ‘poor student’. The term is meant affectionately, ironically — my astronomical student debt spelt the kiss of death to Nick Clegg’s career far more than it ever will mine.

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What Your Role in the School Nativity Says About You

We may not have known it then, but by assigning us the various roles of this timeless production, our teachers were doing more than getting out of having to do P.E. that day - they were earmarking us for a star-studded (or otherwise) future.

I bet I can tell you what kind of person you are by your role in the school Nativity (no prizes for guessing which one is me).

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10 Absolutely Stellar Kids TV Shows That You Would Still Watch Now If You Got Home By 3pm

You know those rare moments of pause sandwiched between the 9-5, working on the side hustle and catching up with friends and family? The moments when you stop for breath long enough to think 'seriously, what did I do with all that free time I had as a kid?'

Well, I've found the answer, my friend. TV. 

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7 essential phrases to speak Love Island like a pro

Love Island has taken the nation by storm this year: the bikinis are skimpier, the gals are posher and the ‘chat’ has never been better.

Speaking of chat, have you ever noticed that the islanders don’t quite seem to be speaking English? Rather than treat themselves to the full expressive scope of the English language, the contestants have restricted themselves to a few key phrases designed to work in any scenario.

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What your Lord of the Rings crush says about you

In case you didn’t know, I’m a massive Lord of the Rings fan. There are few situations in which a Lord of the Rings quotation isn’t (in my opinion) an appropriate response to someone (I mean with three films and a range of comedic and serious characters, you’re spoiled for choice).

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