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The 10 Best Nuggets of Life Advice for People in Their Twenties

I have a love hate relationship with advice. In a nutshell, I love when someone advises me what I've already planned to do, and hate it when someone tries to get in the way of a plan that I'm forging on with against all logical reason (although, credit where credit is due, I'd like to thank my parents for advising me against renting that poky flat above the SPAR store in Staines).

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10 ways to feel like you've had a holiday when you're too broke to go abroad

As much as I am massive fan of all things Great Britain (see my recent holiday to Yorkshire), I was somewhat dismayed upon checking my bank balance to realise that, even if I wanted to, I haven’t the funds to go abroad this summer. I blame Dominoes.

Still, the universe loves an enthusiast, so I set about finding ways that I could create that ‘ooh yeah ah’m on holiday’ vibe from the comfort of my own home.

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8 Disney quotations that are more relevant now than when you were seven

Remember when you were seven and a great Saturday night involved choosing from your mate's Disney collection (which always seemed superior to yours) and eating a load of Haribo? Remember enjoying the same thing when you were 8? And 12? And 16? And 23?

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