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8 Disney quotations that are more relevant now than when you were seven

Remember when you were seven and a great Saturday night involved choosing from your mate's Disney collection (which always seemed superior to yours) and eating a load of Haribo? Remember enjoying the same thing when you were 8? And 12? And 16? And 23?

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Six life lessons I've learned from six year olds

You might think that children have a lot to learn, and that’s true. I’m not talking Maths and English so much as manners, sharing and basic friendship skills ... That said, I can’t help but look at these hyperactive bundles of joy from time to time and wonder if, actually, it’s them that had the right idea all along.

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What a night out looks like when you're a 40 year old trapped in the body of a 23 year old.

Thanks be to my pals for a magical weekend in Birmingham – we laughed, we sighed and we attended a rather disturbing exhibition in the city museum. But what reunion would be complete without a night on the razz? As I get older (hitting the big two-four this year…) I can’t help but wonder if my partying days are behind me (which is weird, because when I was younger I assumed they were somewhere in front of me – so far I’ve been duped).

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How did I end up in the midst of this thing called Adulthood? It seems like only yesterday that I was round a friend’s house, raising a glass of champagne to the start of adult life (the poignant sophistication marred only slightly by said bottle exploding all over the kitchen before I’d had a chance to pour it). There I am, clear as day in my mind’s eye, eagerly toasting my bright and prosperous future.

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You may be aware that I have taken the some might say heroic  (but most say OTT and antisocial) decision to go vegan for lent. But why? I hear you ask through a mouthful of cheese. Initially because I was just interested to see what would happen. Would I lose weight? Be filled with energy? Turn into a carrot?

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