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How I Saved Three Quarters of My Salary (Without Kicking My Brunch Habit)

How often have you started a sentence with "If I had enough money...." then put whatever idea came next to the back of your mind, without giving it another moment's thought? So many young people have goals that can only be met with cold hard cash (be it travelling, paying off debts or cobbling together a house deposit), yet only a handful of us have enough disposable income to make those dreams a reality.

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10 Things I Could Afford to Buy if I had my Student Debt in Cash

When I’m feeling sorry for myself, berating the state of the country, or trying to get my mum to buy me a takeaway, I’m wont to refer to myself as a ‘poor student’. The term is meant affectionately, ironically — my astronomical student debt spelt the kiss of death to Nick Clegg’s career far more than it ever will mine.

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8 Tips to Survive Veganuary (Even if You're Dialling KFC as we Speak)

Past you has a lot to answer for. Getting that questionable fringe that took years to grow out in year 9, leaving study prep to the last minute, and now having the genius idea to go vegan for January.

Whether you’ve always wanted to try going vegan or made the decision at 11.58pm on New Year’s Eve, now is the time when your saintly decision to help animals the world over is seeming more like a prolonged way of torturing yourself.

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What Your Role in the School Nativity Says About You

We may not have known it then, but by assigning us the various roles of this timeless production, our teachers were doing more than getting out of having to do P.E. that day - they were earmarking us for a star-studded (or otherwise) future.

I bet I can tell you what kind of person you are by your role in the school Nativity (no prizes for guessing which one is me).

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Mount! and Other Stories. Trash Fiction I Shouldn't Have Enjoyed as Much as I Did.

Over the Summer though, I began to yearn for something more. If Dickens is the 80% dark chocolate of the indulgent world of literature, I was looking for my large Dominoes with wedges - less refined but, in reality, a lot more pleasurable. Which is when I found Jilly Cooper.

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They Say You Shouldn't Meet Your Heroes...

People who know me well (hi Mum) know that I love, love, LOVE yoga. And no, actually, not just because pretty much every class ends with a good chunk of lying on the floor.

Still, as a full-time teacher and when-I-have-time freelance writer, I'm not overwhelmed with free time in which to practice. That is, until I found Bad Yogi.

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The 20-Something Bucket List: 101 Things to Do Before You're 30

Being 20-something is an odd experience.

You’re an adult, but most likely living at home or still dependent on your parents in some way. You have a job, but it probably isn’t your dream one. And you’re desperately trying to stay in touch with school and university friends while wanting to appear friendly and sociable to your new housemates and colleagues.

Frankly, it’s exhausting, and all too easy for the things we really want to do in our twenties to get lost in the business of just existing as a functioning adult.

So, I decided to make a list of all the things I’d like to do this decade, from adventures I’d like to have to career goals. Alongside these, I’ve put everything that I probably should be able to do (like my washing).

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Review: Groove Aerobics

I don't know about you, but to say I overindulged over Summer is a rather large understatement. End of term celebrations were enjoyed in earnest (prompting concerned nearest and dearest to question how I'd got to the age of 23 without knowing my limits), and a few well-placed August holidays were enough to throw me well and truly off the health wagon. 

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6 Underestimated Folk Songs that Will Give You All the Feels

I've never been to a proper festival. You know, the ones where girls flatten each other to be in the front row for One Direction and you'd give your right arm just to be one of the stewards.

If you ask me, teeny festivals are where it's at. You spend 80% of your time at the food tent or drinking cider and the rest of it listening to folk in a drunken haze.

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Straight Up Answers to the Questions Literally Every Millennial is Asking

Being a millennial is tough. We're expected to stand on our own two feet, but we still have so many questions that need answering. How do I set the washing machine to delicates? Do I have to floss AND use mouthwash or just commit to one? If Tesco opens at 10am on Sunday, does that mean it shuts at midnight on Saturday?

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