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Ah, it’s good to be back. I feel like Samwise Gamgee returning to Rosie, inhaling a breath of fresh Shire air and thanking my lucky stars that that mad man Frodo Baggins is out of my life. Except I haven’t been on an epic journey since putting down my pen (or, I suppose, given the nature of typing, putting down my fingers). In fact, me resting my weary hands came at precisely the moment that my personal adventure (my year abroad to Italy) ended. Travelling to foreign climes gives one the perfect excuse to write a blog – my niche was ready-carved in the form of a compulsory year out in a remote location. But now, as I find myself itching to get writing again, I am forced to consider, with considerably less certainty, what can I offer the world now?

A few things sprung to mind along the healthy eating and exercise bent (to quote my sister, when indirectly asked to sum up my expertise, it would be ‘omelettes and yoga’. I do make a cracking one with goats cheese and tomato, no word of a lie (the three eggs are the secret), but does the world really need another insecure blonde in her twenties harping on about calories and the benefits of inversions? I fear not. Whether the logical next step from this is a blog about nothing much at all, I will let you be the judge (but please, not in the comments, remember I’m insecure and have a care).

Having taken inspiration from Nigella (and a wonderfully creative friend) for Isobelissima (which you can find here should you be so inclined), it seems appropriate to return to her expertise for this next chapter. So I look on this blog as a kind of ‘Isobel at Home’, an antidote to all the new discovery with a series of fond glances at the oft-overlooked. As for the choice in site name, I had considered an imperfect rhyme with my previous blog with ‘Isobel is enough’. A lovely sentiment, but horribly self-indulgent, and, while that is essentially what this blog will be, I hate to advertise it so overtly. Instead, I chose to begin the gentle mockery at home, as if there’s one thing I delight in telling all I meet, it’s that I’m ‘secretly edgy.’ Oh, you want proof? I direct your cynical eye to my cartilage ear piercing, and I inform your wondering person that I have considered getting a tattoo on no fewer than three occasions. Reading past bedtime is merely the icing on a rich cake of foibles, all of which are but threads in the tapestry of my edgy personality. I hope I have convinced you.

At this juncture, let me thank you for reading this first foray back into the written word, and urge you to return for what I am sure will be an enjoyable meander down the winding path of life. I can’t promise exotic locations, but I will be sure to report on the travels that will be taking place this year (the Yorkshire Dales, Somerset and West Sussex are already in the diary – where to next is anyone’s guess!)

With warmest wishes to you and your kin,


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