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You may be aware that I have taken the some might say heroic  (but most say OTT and antisocial) decision to go vegan for lent. But why? I hear you ask through a mouthful of cheese. Initially because I was just interested to see what would happen. Would I lose weight? Be filled with energy? Turn into a carrot? However, after divulging my intentions to a few people, it became more directly about proving that I could do it. It’s amazing what you can achieve when someone doesn’t believe in you (contrary to what Disney might tell you). I’m a bit like Ted from HIMYM that episode he dyed his hair blonde in that respect.

Nevertheless, as I chomp my way through a three bean salad with a sparse lemon dressing, I can’t help but mentally shop for a few things I’d rather be eating. Here is a snippet of the list:

Mozzarella, feta cheese, Pilgrim’s cheddar cheese, own brand mature cheddar, own brand mild cheddar, parmesan, marscapone, blue cheese, ricotta, boursin, philadelphia, philadelphia limited edition chocolate, baby bell, cheese string.

Yet despite these cravings, I have to say that so far I have found the going fairly easy. Although, the niggling feeling that I was finding it too easy to be true turned out to be all too correct when I suddenly had a flashback to when I’d completely absent-mindedly eaten some chocolate on the first day of Lent.

My new fear (I always like to have one on the go) is that I might starve to death while I’m away this weekend – a seemingly appropriate measure to reduce this likelihood has been to pack an emergency jar of almond butter in my rucksack – just add carbs.

Do feel free to wish me luck on my literal foray into dense vegetation and to send any winning recipes my way. But seriously, in a world where chips and baked beans are still on the menu, how bad can it be?


I did not starve to death at the weekend but I was subjected to salad and chips at ill-equipped restaurants twice in two days. Would recommend to anyone who wants to feel healthy but also to find some pleasure in life.