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The myriad moods of a Teacher

Sometimes a moment so breathtakingly rare and out of the ordinary comes along that I know even as it’s happening that I’ll be writing a blog about it later.

Today I actually had quite a nice time at work.

And not even because I had a particularly excellent day: the workload was the same, my behaviour management was still tested and I was still ultimately fumbling my way in the dark, but for some reason, today, that didn’t matter.

After an inspiring conversation with a senior colleague, I seem to have undergone some kind of personality transplant developed a more optimistic attitude to my work.

If there’s one thing that can be said about teaching, it’s that it’s absolutely never boring. Seriously, I’ve been in the job eight months and have felt the whole spectrum of emotion, but boredom hasn’t crept in once. As I find myself in a warm reflective kinda place this evening, I thought I’d share the many moods a teacher may experience day to day (minute to minute) – no wonder I’m so shattered by 7pm!


The grammatically abhorrent but ultimately delightful way that children punctuate their sentences with ‘yeah’.

‘So you take your tens, yeah, and add them together, yeah, then you put that number below the line, yeah…’


A fly in the classroom = all lessons are cancelled. No point trying to start a sentence for at least fifteen minutes.


 When it’s 11am and I’m on coffee number three. But also:


When you need a wee but it’s just been break time and you can’t leave the tiny people with another adult until lunch.


When you assume the children will be good as gold on the first day of term but instead they have used the holiday well to unlearn everything you ever taught them about addition and good sitting.


When someone breathes loudly so I keep the whole class in for five minutes.


When a child cries because they have to go next door to the strict teacher.


When anybody remembers anything I taught yesterday.

Seething With Rage

When someone is humming on the carpet and I can’t trace the noise to the hummer.


Kicking back for a wild evening of at-home laminating while the plebs fight over the one school laminator the next day.


When twenty tiny people finish their work at once and must immediately share their answers with you so help them God.


When I’ve just given the class a heated telling off and one of them breaks the awkward silence by saying ‘I love you, Miss’.


When Christmas and Easter are an even bigger deal than when you were a kid.


When a child asks ‘can you eat apples with gloves on?’

Yes, yes you can, my friend.

It’s a beautiful world.