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What your Lord of the Rings crush says about you

In case you didn’t know, I’m a massive Lord of the Rings fan. There are few situations in which a Lord of the Rings quotation isn’t (in my opinion) an appropriate response to someone (I mean with three films and a range of comedic and serious characters, you’re spoiled for choice).

Really, the surprise isn’t that I’m doing a post about Lord of the Rings, but that said post hasn’t been written sooner and returned as a theme every week.

But I’ve been thinking a lot about myself recently (standard procedure) and what I want from life and love, and it occurred to me that, regardless of what you are into, you can’t fail to find someone to match your requirements in LOTR.

Read on to find out if your crush made the shortlist (with literally thousands of characters, I had to draw the line somewhere) and to learn what it says about you.


Tall, dark, handsome (brooding, wild, old…) – Aragorn is the crush of the traditionalist. You probably also fancy Mel Gibson and Brad Pitt.


You take care of your appearance, hit the gym regularly and are looking for a similarly body-conscious other who will look good on your arm on a Friday night. Just make sure you allow plenty of time for him to plait his hair.


You like your men like you like your coffee, and your relationships like the 1950s. You want a hot, strong man who’ll keep you on your toes (read: leave you on read for weeks on end).



You know when you’re with friends having a gay old time when suddenly you remember you have that essay due and you’re broke AF and you really don’t have time to be there? This is Frodo in every single slow motion close up (watch again if you don’t believe me). You want a guy that knows how to have fun, but that never lets that completely distract him from his melancholy reality.


You are the less good-looking friend in your group, seeking a like minded other.


You shy away from the muscly alpha male in favour of the bookish gent. You are moved by the higher matters of the mind (as long as the guy in question is also attractive).


You’re looking for a guy so broken that everyone else has given up hope. He will betray you time and time again, but its all worth it to have a shot at being the one to ‘fix’ him. Wasting your time, love.


Fiercely beautiful and frankly pretty scary, Galadriel is almost certainly out of your league. Still, the Universe loves a tryer.


Turning your nose up at the pool of guys in your area only to rock up with a stranger who's twice as fine, you’re ‘that’ girl that everyone wants to be, and you know it.


You are probably a horse.