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The one yoga pose you need in your life

Despite having nursed a serious enthusiasm for yoga for a good half decade now, I still feel somewhat clueless when it comes to the yoga ‘scene’. Does a true yogi practise in the morning or the evening? Is Bikram superior to Vinyasa? Can you still be a yogi if you don’t come to class head to toe in Sweaty Betty?

Lord help them, the yoga instructors I’ve encountered (a notable exception to be acknowledged in the next Woman of the Week) seem to be doing their best to reinforce this assumption. Here is a genuine conversation I had with my yoga instructor last time:

Azure Sky (OK, not her real name, but might as well be), while peering motherishly in my direction: Sorry, I can’t remember your name…?

Me: It’s Isobel – don’t worry, I haven’t been to this class for ages.

Azure Sky: No, and before that you only came a few times, right?

Me: Yes right Azure Sky but if you will insist on holding a class on a Friday night you may find that anyone with a smidge of a life, and I count myself blessed to be among their number, has already made plans.

Ok so the last bit I didn’t say, I opted for the more socially acceptable ‘no’, but I was justified in being a teeny bit riled, right?

So, one thing led to another (mainly Winter to Summer) and I decided to save myself both dollar and dignity by quitting the gym.

The at-home yoga scene is one I can’t get enough of: casually roll from bed to mat for morning practice, turn up 15 minutes late (or in my case, early) to the mat and you’re allowed to get started straight away, wear your teeny yoga shorts and sports bra without worrying that you’ll be mistaken for an obese albino.

The only problem is, what poses to do? 

People assume that yogis spend their entire life in the splits, headstanding or folded up like a pretzel. Admittedly, the ability to bend my body into unexpected shapes (ahem) was what first drew me to yoga, but the true magic lies in the simplicity it can offer.

So here I offer to you the one yoga pose you need in your life today:


Lovingly named ‘corpse pose’, Savasana involves simply lying on your back, legs and arms slightly apart, playing dead. It typically comes at the end of one’s practice, but there are times (usually after a particularly stressful day at work, or on a day when I don’t actually fancy doing yoga at all), that it can encompass the whole session.

There’s something about just stopping and doing  a b s o l u t e l y  n o t h i n g  that we don’t do enough of – we might see exercise or seeing friends as a welcome break, but we still come away needing rest.

That’s where Savasana comes in: so relaxing that I have been known to catch myself drifting off in yoga class on several occasions, it’s the perfect pose to do when you really just want to do nothing.

So next time you’ve got 2 minutes (and it’s safe to do so - not when you're stuck in traffic) give Savasana a try. No need to book a class or do preparatory stretching. Just zen.