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WOTW: Miss Eaves

Image Source:  Youtube/Miss Eaves

Image Source: Youtube/Miss Eaves

The jargon of the health and ‘wellness’ (shudder) world can be pretty incomprehensible at times. We were all there when the clean eating brigade suddenly started backpedalling and pretending they hadn’t been demonising the Mars bar for the last two years. But the latest thing sending my head spinning?

Body positivity.

Sounds simple enough, but is body positivity loving my body exactly as it is? Loving my body despite my stretch marks and dimply bum? Loving my body because of my stretch marks and dimply bum? Spending my life working really hard on my body so that then I can be positive about it?

Luckily, this week’s Woman of the Week is making things a whole lot simpler.

Miss Eaves is one kick ass rapper who’s bending all the rules (I assume, I don’t know an awful lot about rap) with her new hit ‘Thunder Thighs’.

The song features a gang of girls taking to the streets this Summer to party. It’s not unlike Bang Bang, except the women actually look normal, they’re wearing clothes I’ve got versions of in my wardrobe and they’re singing about the painful but very real sensation of ‘chub rub’.

Miss Eaves’ crew are a diverse bunch, each completely owning their unique style, and they know it. The result? A girl gang that, rather than running for the hills from with a mixture of fear and envy, I actually want to get up and dance with. 

So far this month Despacito has been my jam, but you can bet the women in Luis Fonsi’s video haven’t seen the inside of a McDonalds for a good few summers. Boogie-ing along to the Biebs, I become infinitely aware of my glaring lack of Spanish charm, but I am well up for joining Miss Eaves’ gang of badass beauties.

Body positivity the Miss Eaves way? Strutting down the aisles in Tescos rapping ‘thick thighs, sun dress, I’m looking good’.

Her album Feminasty drops in August, but if you need a bit of self-love before then, check her out right here. She’ll have you in your slut shorts (you know the ones) before the chorus.