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Woman of the Week: Erin Motz

So my blog of late has become a platform for me to rave about all things yoga, my apologies (unless you’re really into it). That said, yoga fans and sloths alike need to have my next Woman of the Week on their radar.

Erin Motz is a yoga instructor with a difference. Having founded Bad Yogi as a response to the gap in the yoga market for a relaxed, non-judgemental type of teaching, Motz has developed a huge following of people who do yoga but also drink wine, do yoga but don’t have time to hit a full hour class regularly, do yoga but don’t want to be given diet tips in the middle of their kneeling lunge.

Motz will never speak to you in a breathy voice, will remind you that it’s OK not to be able to do a headstand, even if you managed fine yesterday, and confesses to buying most of her yoga gear from high street stores.

One thing that bugs me about fitness personalities is that they feel the need to be an extreme: either they are the fittest, healthiest person on the internet or they completely reject the need to watch what you eat and live life to the full. Erin Motz can be found where most ordinary people are: somewhere round the middle.

And the best bit? A ton of her classes are up on YouTube absolutely free.

You may have heard that these days I’m all about my at home yoga practice, but the reality of sticking to it can be difficult to get off the ground. I’ll check my phone after what feels like hours of saluting the sun, to discover that about ten minutes have passed. With Motz as my guide, my yoga practice becomes much more meaningful.

So, when you get 10 minutes this week, give one of Erin’s classes a try. The 30 day challenge is a great place to start. Who knows? It might be the start of something spiritual.