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I Tried Dominos' Lotta Chocca Pizza So You Don't Have To

You like chocolate. You like pizza. You assume, therefore, that you will love Dominos’ new Lotta Chocca pizza.

Here at I read past bedtime, we enjoy experimental eating as much as the next person, so I decided to try this strange new delight for myself.

First impressions: The Packaging

But where are the handy slice lines??

But where are the handy slice lines??

How exciting when the delivery man knocked on my door to be greeted with not one, not two, but three pizza-shaped cardboard boxes! (I had planned to just get pizza + chocolate pizza, but the Dominos deal system is such that it is cheaper to buy a small pizza + wedges + drink than it is a small pizza on its lonesome. Discuss.)

As far as box impressions go, this is your standard blue and red jobby. The excitement very much comes from within…

Second impressions: The Aesthetics

I’ve got to give it to you straight, guys: this pizza is not pretty. About the size of the Dominos garlic pizza bread, it has the disconcerting look of a deflated Yorkshire pudding that a confused Aunty has covered in chocolate sauce.

While the slices on a savoury Dominos are pre-cut and easily discernible, the chocolate pizza base appears to have been quartered before the addition of the chocolate sauce, making the whole thing look like one mangled mess.

I have to say, I did not really feel like eating the doughy offering before me. (If you know my eating standards on a personal level, you will thus appreciate just how unappetising this pizza must have looked).


Chocolatey. No surprises here.


There they are.

There they are.

So, the big moment – was the pizza a taste sensation or an abomination? Allowing for the fact that my expectations had been considerably deflated by the point of tasting the thing, this pizza was pretty nice. Why? Because it tasted more or less exactly like chocolate spread on toast.

While the signature Dominoes base makes or breaks a takeaway pizza, it wasn’t really doing it for me in the Lotta Chocca experience. The chocolate to bread ratio is strong, however I’m not sure I was fully on board with the liquidity of the chocolatey topping, which had a worrying tendency to aim for my face and clothes.

The takeaway?

With a slice of bread costing around 10p and a generous serving of chocolate spread adding maybe 25p, I recommend making the at-home (and basically identical) version of this particular delicacy for a mere 35p.

Heck, make it a whole 14 times and you’ve still saved yourself the price tag of this chocolate mistake.


Have you jumped on the Lotta Chocca bandwagon? Has it rocked your world or left you reeling? Let me know in the comments below.