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The Liebster Award

Thanks to Ife from Ife’s Random Ramblings for nominating me for The Liebster Award and thereby giving me permission to have fun writing all about myself!

The idea is that you answer 11 questions from a fellow blogger and then nominate 11 more to share the love.

Here are my answers to Ife’s questions:

1. Describe yourself in 3 words?

Funny (I hope), Introverted, Greedy (Food is lyf).

2. Favourite song?

Tough one – in terms of what’s around at the moment I am an enormous Despacito fan and George Ezra can do no wrong in my eyes.

The songs that I always end up coming back to are Devendra Banhart’s I Feel Just Like a Child (for when you want to stick two fingers up to the world), Taylor Swift’s Shake It Off (similar story, more mainstream) and How Far I’ll Go from Moana. You can imagine my horror when anyone tries to select ‘My Mix’ on YouTube.

3. Who is your favourite Blogger(s)?

The blogger that originally got me hooked was Erin Motz over at Bad Yogi – the first time I’d encountered a generally relatable and funny online personality.

At the moment I’m exploring freelance writing and am loving Jorden Roper’s no-nonsense advice.

Basically I like bloggers who speak their minds without offending anyone along the way.

4.What is your dream job?

Freelance blogger and writer.

5. What’s your favourite year of your life so far and why?

I feel like each year of my life has been different rather than better or worse so it’s hard to say… I’m going to have to be controversial and say 2016!

I know loads of horrendous crap happened that year but for me I graduated, started a new job and began seriously exploring my options for the future for the first time.

6. Who is your favourite actor/actress?

I have professed my undying love for Viggo Mortensen continuously ever since The Return of The King.

7. What inspired you to start blogging?

A love of writing and a desire to connect with other people through what I have to say (I’m infinitely better by the written word than face to face, unfortunately).

8. Summer or Winter?

Winter, hands down. No disappointment when the weather is crap every single day and you get to cosy up indoors and eat unlimited chocolate (see question 1). Plus Christmas.

9. Tea or coffee?

Coffee every time. I am a total coffee wuss and don’t like it too strong but I love having a fancy mug of something on the go at all times.

10.  If you could have chosen the year you were born, what year would it be and why?

I’m pretty happy with being a 1993 baby. Possibly the ‘80s so I could have gone to university for free and had more job prospects, but that just sounds bitter, right?

11. What advice would you give to new bloggers just starting out?

I’d say I’m still very much one of their party, but the biggest tip I’ve picked up so far is just to believe in yourself and GO FOR IT. Everyone starts somewhere, and the hardest people to beat are the ones who never give up.

Thanks for reading this little insight into my loves, hopes and dreams – be sure to check out Ife’s list too!

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And my questions:

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Bonus Question:

Which Lord of the Rings character would you be if we were all in Middle Earth?