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Love Island Live Blog: 09/07/2017

Friday's Love Island ended on such a cliffhanger that you just know tonight's episode is going to be a real humdinger. I'll be saying what we're all thinking right here as the drama unfolds.


20:58 In situ. Coffee and choccy digestive. Heart rate: above average. 

21:00 I swear the music gets more dramatic every episode. Love the way the commentator says tonight.

21:01 Montana and Alex just look on at the drama. In love. 

21:02 I'd feel uncomfortable too if I'd put my foot in it to that extent, Georgia. 

21:04 Fucking love Chris and his raps. 

21:06 Jonny's voice is getting progressively higher. I sense fear.

21:10 I think Tyla will be rid of Jonny soon. Thoughts?

21:15 Why is no one fighting over Montana? By far the hottest babe in the villa. 

21:17 Struggling to warm to Georgia. But then I struggled to warm to Chris. Oh how the tables have turned! 

21:18 Slightly disappointed the Georgia picking Kem thing hasn't resulted in more drama. Does that make me a bad person? 

21:19 They've switched on the sexy music for Camilla and Jamie. How ironic. 

21:23 Olivia to Chris - 'Everyone's told Kem and Amber you said Georgia's done nothing wrong.' ummm, think it was just you, love. 

21:25 The islanders are back in the gym. 'Bout time. 

21:27 Jonny. Never tell a woman to relax. 

21:34 Theo 'I don't wanna mug myself off.' It's getting meta. 

21:34 Has Olivia smiled since she's been in here? 

21:36 So the islanders are enjoying a romantic private brunch. About 2 feet apart from each other. 

21:37 Marcel, there's an easier word for romanticness. It's called romance.

21:37 Why are Alex and Montana always talking about their Mums? 

21:41 To my friends and enemies alike. May you never be subjected to a dressing down from Olivia. 

21:48 If Olivia's not being herself, is the real her moodier??

21:49 I think Chris might actually be a seriously good egg. Without a basket. 

21:50 The emotional music in this show is seriously on point. 

21:55 Omg I love curly-haired Amber.


I gotta say, after the dramatic ending on Friday I had higher hopes for this episode. Fingers crossed someone massively offends their couple tomorrow and the claws get back out!