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6 Underestimated Folk Songs that Will Give You All the Feels

I've never been to a proper festival. You know, the ones where girls flatten each other to be in the front row for One Direction and you'd give your right arm just to be one of the stewards.

If you ask me, teeny festivals are where it's at. You spend 80% of your time at the food tent or drinking cider and the rest of it listening to folk in a drunken haze.

Now that I'm middle aged (23) and spending my holidays on bracing hill walks rather than sitting in fields, I still look back to that boozed 'all is well with the world' feeling with fondness.

These folk songs take me right back to those Summer festival vibes. Best listened to with an apple cider in hand and a lightness of heart.

Feel Just Like a Child - Devendra Banhart

If you can get past the pale bare chest issue (basically what I look like on holiday), this song will fill you with the lightness of youth.

All I Want Is You - Barry Louis Polisar

Made famous by its appearance in the Juno opening title, this cute little song is a much more realistic soundtrack to your love life than Work From Home ever will be.

Shape We Made - Peggy Sue

The haunting vocals of Peggy Sue may not be exactly cheery, but you'll keep coming back for more anyway.

Comme des Enfants - Coeur de Pirate

Despite having forgotten most of the French from my school days, this song still fills me with nostalgia. Check out the cute video.

Mississippi Isabel - King Charles

Not the real King Charles, but probably able to do a passable impression in a line up. All the songs on the album Love Blood are ace.

Lightning Bolt - Jake Bugg

Rounding off the list are Jake Bugg's folky beats. Makes a pretty good running tune if you're tired of club anthems.

So there you have it - what songs take you back to long, lazy summer days? Let me know in the comments below! Happy Listening.