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You Deserve Great Coffee Wherever You Are In The UK

You love coffee.

You, like most of us, probably have that one coffee place in that one city that gets it right every damn time.

For me, that's Aromi in Cambridge. I may look hard as nails, but I am in fact a serial coffee wuss, and Aromi has mastered the strength that people like me can handle. It's also run by lovely Sicilians and sells the most exquisite cakes and pastries. Still, it's mainly the strength thing. 

Thing is, I now live in Windsor, so my opportunities for that sweet, sweet Aromi cappuccino are pretty few and far between. Which got me thinking: everyone has a local coffee that dreams are made of, so if someone just put them into one handy list, we'd all have exceptional coffee wherever we are in the UK.

Every place on this list has been tested either by myself or a trusty local, so you won't be disappointed. 

If, like me, you believe you deserve the best coffee whenever the heck you fancy it, this list is for you. 



Yorks Bakery Cafe - B2 4BH

If you like brunch or a tasty cake with your coffee (I know, what kind of question is that?) look no further than Yorks. The hot chocolate is liquid happiness and you can't fault the welcoming atmosphere. 


Sunbirds Deli - BN1 4JG

Image Source

Image Source

You can't move in Brighton without tripping over a trendy coffee outlet. Check out the lovely bright exteriors in The Lanes. Sunbirds Deli is a good place to start. 


Espresso Library - CB1 1BG

I know, I know, I've just been singing Aromi's praises. Ask any serious coffee junkie, though, and they'll tell you that Espresso Library is where the real coffee fiends hang out. 

Away from the bustle of the centre on the hip side of town, Espresso Library is the perfect backdrop to your study sesh. 


Black Medicine - EH8 9DH

The baristas know their stuff in this popular little place. It can get busy if you don't claim your spot, but the cosy downstairs usually hides a few spaces. To the North!


La Bottega Milanese - LS1 8TL

La Bottega Milanese is the perfect spot to eavesdrop on creative types critiquing their latest novel idea. A taste of Italy and the pretentious all rolled into one aromatic bundle. 


Fuckoffee - SE1 3UW

I'm always dubious of a coffee shop that brands itself as "trendy, but not really hipster trendy." However, with a laid back atmosphere and reasonably priced hot beverages, Fuckoffee carries the locals' seal of approval.


Sugar Junction - M4 1LG

Head to the Northern Quarter for the ultimate Mancunian coffee experience. Sugar Junction might be the best of the best. 


Cafe Coco - PO1 2EF

Situated on campus (but open to all), Cafe Coco is THE place to go for top notch affordable coffee. Let their zaatar chicken sandwich take you to heaven. 

Tried any of these places for size? Let me know in the comments below, and don't forget to add your local to the list!