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Review: Groove Aerobics

I don't know about you, but to say I overindulged over Summer is a rather large understatement. End of term celebrations were enjoyed in earnest (prompting concerned nearest and dearest to question how I'd got to the age of 23 without knowing my limits), and a few well-placed August holidays were enough to throw me well and truly off the health wagon. 

But when the thought of running brings you out in a cold sweat and I quit the gym in a moment of decisiveness, what's a girl to do?

It was these combined factors that led me to walk through the door of my first Groove Aerobics class. 

If you've never heard of it before, Groove Aerobics is the dance-based fitness sensation that's sweeping the nation (well, it's mainly Oxfordshire and Coventry right now, but it's set to expand pretty rapidly). Think Zumba's quiet cousin who suddenly whips out some incredible moves on the dance floor.

Ready to groove!

Ready to groove!

No point beating around the bush: I consider myself to be a great mover. Okay, I haven't won any awards since Grade 2 Tap when I was 9, but I generally think I know what I'm doing. It is with sorrow in my heart, therefore, that I concede that my dance skills are nothing, NOTHING compared to Daniel, Groove Aerobic's very welcoming instructor.

On arrival, he warmly assured me that we'd go through each of the moves first before trying them to music. (HA! I thought, this will be too easy for a pro like moi!) Turns out this is a pretty valuable stage, as the Groove Aerobics moves are a liiiittle more sophisticated than what I'd usually whip out on the dance floor. 

By the time the music kicked off, though, the whole room was in command of the basic steps and, had I not been sporting an impressively fluorescent workout vest, I could probably have convinced myself I was in some sort of music video.

To get you grooving in no time, the music choices are bang up to date, think Bruno Mars and Ella Eyre (with some old classics like Amy Winehouse's Valerie thrown in for good measure). 

Not gonna lie, by the time we were halfway through this class, I was sweaty. Okay, this was the first cardio I'd attempted probably in a good few months, but man, the pace of this workout is high. It's high intensity cardio for nearly a full hour, with one ab track, I assume to stop you passing out with exhaustion. 

Thing is, although I was tired to say the least, I was having fun, so it didn't seem to matter. And if I thought I was giving it 100% (may 75% towards the end), the energy put in from Daniel was off the scale. Before the class even started he was jumping round on the balls of his feet (something the unfit among us would never risk, for fear of wasting all energy), and he kept the pace and enthusiasm up all the way through. 

Should have got my fan girl pic  before  the class...

Should have got my fan girl pic before the class...

If you're looking for a route back into fitness after a long break, or if you fancy mixing up your routine, I highly recommend giving Groove Aerobics a try. It's fast-paced, friendly, and best of all, doesn't really feel like exercise. For best results, avoid doing what I did and ordering a pizza straight afterwards.

For more from Groove Aerobics, check out their website, Facebook or follow Daniel on Instagram @danielbrowne92.