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The 20-Something Bucket List: 101 Things to Do Before You're 30

Being 20-something is an odd experience.

You’re an adult, but most likely living at home or still dependent on your parents in some way. You have a job, but it probably isn’t your dream one. And you’re desperately trying to stay in touch with school and university friends while wanting to appear friendly and sociable to your new housemates and colleagues.

Frankly, it’s exhausting, and all too easy for the things we really want to do in our twenties to get lost in the business of just existing as a functioning adult.

So, I decided to make a list of all the things I’d like to do this decade, from adventures I’d like to have to career goals. Alongside these, I’ve put everything that I probably should be able to do (like my washing).

See how many you’ve already got checked off, then head to the section that matters most to you for some ideas of where to go next. Your twenties are one of the most exciting, freeing, terrifying times of your life. I hope this list gives you some inspiration on how to actually enjoy them.

If you’ve found this list useful or have tried something out and liked it, tweet me a shout out @ireadpastbtime (I’m on there all the time). Speak soon!


1. Travel beyond your home continent
2. Spend a month (or more) abroad with no pit stops home
3. Go to a Ball
4. Experience Another Culture
5. Go to a Festival
6. Pull an All-Nighter (for fun, not to finish an essay!)
7. Embrace All National Holidays
8. Take on a Physical Challenge
9. Dare to do ‘That Thing’
10. Spend a Week Being Yes Woman
11. Have an Adventure Without Getting on a Plane
12. Do NaNoWriMo


13. Decide Which Supermarket to Commit to (*cough* TESCO)
14. Learn to Drive
15. Move Out
16. Cook a Proper 3 Course Meal for Your Friends
17. Start Seriously Saving
18. Learn to Cook a Roast Dinner
19. Live Somewhere Other Than Your Home Town
20. Grow Something
21. Learn to Do Your Washing with More than Liquitabs
22. Prioritise Your Health
23. Budget
24. Meal Plan
25. Take Your Parents Out for a Meal
26. Keep Up With the News
27. Get a Credit Card and Use it Wisely
28. Learn a Family Recipe


29. Put Yourself Out There
30. Know Where You’re Going (what is your long-term goal?)
31. Keep Learning
32. Start Side-Hustling
33. Get Yourself a Sweet LinkedIn Profile
34. Network
35. Follow People That Inspire You
36. Dream Big
37. Ask for a Raise
38. Do a Job You Hate
39. Think Outside the Box
40. Fail

Down Time

41. Learn a Kooky New Skill
41. Brush Up On a Language
42. Find a Creative Outlet
43. Spend Time Alone
44. Keep Reading
45. Get Into a Cult TV Show
46. Join an Adult Club (like Spanish class - for some reason this sounds sexual without clarification)
47. Have a Disney Movie Marathon
48. Get a Professional Facial
49. See Your Favourite Band Live
50. Go to Bingo (trust me on this)
51. Make Something
52. Watch All 10 Seasons of Friends
53. And All 9 of The Office US
54. Enjoy Your City’s Culture
55. Be an Amateur
56. Print Photographs


57. Own Your Style
58. Quit Comparing
59. Be Bold
60. Find a Motto to Live By
61. Congratulate Yourself Every Step of the Way
62. Try Manifesting
63. Stop Wearing Make-Up
64. Be Grateful
65. Give Up the Idea of ‘A Calling’


66. Cook from scratch
67. Stop Dieting
68. Register for the Dentist
69. And Floss, for that Matter
70. Break a Habit
71. Research Alternative Birth Control
72. See a Gynaecologist
73. Pick an Exercise Routine that Works for You
74. Meditate
75. Walk More
76. Have an Alcohol Free Day (or Two)


77. Go Friend Dating
78. Raise Your Expectations
79. Invest in an ‘Important Dates’ Diary
80. Go On Holiday With Your Friends
81. Speed Date
82. Let Go of Toxic Friendships
83. Spend Time With Your Grandma
84. Prune Your Social Media
85. Message Your High School Bestie
86. Make an Effort with Your In-Laws
87. Find 'Your People'
88. Don’t Get Hung Up On Finding The One

Giving Back

89. Vote
90. Sign a Petition
91. Get Sponsored
92. Help Someone Out
93. Give Blood
94. Support the Causes You Care About
95. Get Political
96. Eat Less Meat
97. Donate Old Clothes
98. Volunteer
99. Shop Local
100. Make a Christmas Box
101. Crowd Fund